[Samba] Investment Proposition

Thomas Aghedo t.aghedo at intersolutionnigeria.com
Wed Oct 30 03:43:01 GMT 2002

I have been instructed by my colleagues to look for
 who can assist us execute an urgent business
 involving huge profits and international cooperation.
 We are interested in the importation of Solar Panels, 
 Agricultural equipment and computer accessories. We
 a foreign partner who can assist us with the
 involving US$27 350 000.00 which has been set-aside
in an 
 escrow account. We have resolved that a negotiable 
 percentage will be your commission for participating
in this 
 transaction on our behalf and any other assistance
you may 
 give in this deal. A percentage will also be set
aside from 
 the entire sum to settle any expenses we may incure
in the 
 cause on these transactions.Do not be worried about
bills that
  we know we might incur as we have already made
 with our creditors to offset these bills. 
 My colleagues and I are civil servants and as such,
it is not 
 possible for any of us to operate a foreign account
 hence we are soliciting your support. We propose to
 the transaction in ten working days. 
 If this proposal is accepted please respond to us via
 to enable us provide you with the detailed modalities
for the 
 successful completion of the project. I would also
 you'd prefer a voice contact which requires sending
 telephone and fax numbers to facilitate the various 
 processes.There is no risk involved we just need an 
 international contact.Moreso,it will be of great
 you provide me with your telephone/fax details,so we
 have a more detailed conversation regarding the whole 
 project.Please remember as against misconceptions 
 emanating from bad publicity that my country has
 we have made arrangements with our creditors to take
care of the bills.
 Finally, if you are not interested in this proposal,
I apologize 
 on behalf of myself and my colleagues for any 
 Yours Sincerely,
 Engr:Thomas Aghedo
 Ps: Please kindly respond via my private and
confidential e-mail: t.aghedo at intersolutionnigeria.com

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