[Samba] NT4 "at" jobs & samba

Ed Lally elally at jersey.net
Wed Oct 30 02:15:00 GMT 2002


You need to change the account used by the Scheduler service, so that it
runs under an account known to Samba.  Otherwise, Samba won't be able to
authenticate the Scheduler.  I believe, by default, the Scheduler runs under
the LocalSystem account.



On 10/29/2002 6:41 PM, Andrew Bartlett at abartlet at samba.org wrote:

> Gordon Russell wrote:
>> Hello:
>> All of my "at" jobs that write to a samba share (2.2.5) balk with
>> "access denied" errors. I have "force nt acl user = yes" on the share,
>> but this doesnt help.  "access denied" only occurs when the batch jobs
>> run under "at". I can run the batch files successfully at the nt cmd
>> line.  I can only guess that nt4 "at" jobs are running as some kind of
>> 'system' user that samba doesnt know of. Does anyone know the workaround
>> here?
> Well your 'at' job needs to be able to authenticate to the remote SMB
> server.  Unless you just decide to turn off security, I suggest you read
> up on the MS website on how to do this under NT, then apply that to
> Samba.
> Andrew Bartlett

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