[Samba] NT4 "at" jobs & samba

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Oct 29 23:44:02 GMT 2002

Gordon Russell wrote:
> Hello:
> All of my "at" jobs that write to a samba share (2.2.5) balk with
> "access denied" errors. I have "force nt acl user = yes" on the share,
> but this doesnt help.  "access denied" only occurs when the batch jobs
> run under "at". I can run the batch files successfully at the nt cmd
> line.  I can only guess that nt4 "at" jobs are running as some kind of
> 'system' user that samba doesnt know of. Does anyone know the workaround
> here?

Well your 'at' job needs to be able to authenticate to the remote SMB
server.  Unless you just decide to turn off security, I suggest you read
up on the MS website on how to do this under NT, then apply that to

Andrew Bartlett

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