[Samba] Another GUI

atom atom at polychrome.pl
Mon Oct 28 21:25:00 GMT 2002

Well i checked the www.cpan.org for any samba perl modules and found one:

than looked at the source and found this line:

 if ( $line =~ /^\s+([\S ]*\S)\s+(Disk)\s+([\S ]*)/ )

This module also uses the "Disk" word. Also the author of this module
SmbClientParser is adapted from SMB.pm make by Remco van Mook
mook at cs.utwente.nl on smb2www project.

So i think that this is a good idea after all. Perhaps you could be more
specific on what is worng with that kind of parsing.

I added a hide special shares (those with $) in the conf file as you

The next release will contain that fix.

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