[Samba] Winbind

Steven S. Macfarlane steven at 9d8.com
Fri Oct 25 16:52:01 GMT 2002

Problem: Getting 'Access Denied' when trying to create or modify files on

I'd add some log files and my 'samba' and 'login' files from 'pam.d' but am
concerned already about the length of my post.

Is there anything obvious that I am missing with what I have provided?


Goal: Create samba share from where we may (1)install and run various
Additionally, we'd like the share to have 'NT-like permissions' of
'Everyone -
Full Control' and (2) serve up certain files with certain account-based
 *and* we'd like to not have to create duplicate user accounts on Linux.

Samba server: Redhat 7.2, Samba 2.2.6

Domain PDC: NT 4.0

Clients: Windows 98SE; Windows2000 Professional SP2; Windows NT 4.0
testparm -- ok
wbinfo -g and -u are also ok
secret is good

# Global parameters
        workgroup = GPSC
        netbios name = WILLIAM
        server string = GPSC Application Samba Server
        interfaces = lo eth0
        bind interfaces only = Yes
        security = DOMAIN
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        map to guest = Bad User
        password server = *
        log level = 3
        log file = /var/log/samba.%m
        max log size = 50
        keepalive = 30
        os level = 2
        local master = No
        dns proxy = No
        wins server =
        kernel oplocks = No
        winbind uid = 10000-20000
        winbind gid = 10000-20000
        template homedir = /home/win/%D/%U
        winbind separator = +
        invalid users = root
        printer admin = @DOM+PRINTADMIN
        hosts allow = 127. 192.168.
        print command =
        lpq command =
        lprm command =

        comment = Home Directories
        read only = No
        create mask = 0750
        browseable = No

        comment = Trying to get winbind to work
        path = /home/apps
        read only = No

Warm regards,

Steven S. Macfarlane

tel 712.204.8875

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