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Adam Lang aalang at rutgersinsurance.com
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I think he is referring to a compressed filesystem and not jsut using tar to compress a directory.

AKA, every time a file is read from that directory, it is uncompressed and handed out.  If it is saved tot he directory, it is compressed and asaved, btu the end user doesn't know it.  He sees the normal file.

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  Not really a Samba question, but do a google on tar+linux and gzip+linux

  Jennifer Crusade wrote:


    I know there are utilities that allow you to use compression for Linux file systems to zip up files.  I was wondering if there is anything that allows you to specify a share and have everything under that share be compressed.  In Windows you can specify any file, folder or entire tree to be compressed and any new data that is added will be compressed on the fly. Is any version of Linux capable of this?  If so which ones and where is the information regarding this.

    Thanks in advance! 
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