[Samba] Linux Compression

Rodger Haynes rodger at thompsonprint.com
Thu Oct 24 20:52:01 GMT 2002

Not really a Samba question, but do a google on tar+linux and gzip+linux

Jennifer Crusade wrote:

> Hello,
> I know there are utilities that allow you to use compression for Linux 
> file systems to zip up files.  I was wondering if there is anything 
> that allows you to specify a share and have everything under that 
> share be compressed.  In Windows you can specify any file, folder or 
> entire tree to be compressed and any new data that is added will be 
> compressed on the fly. Is any version of Linux capable of this?  If so 
> which ones and where is the information regarding this.
> Thanks in advance!
> Jennifer Crusade
> *GTESS Corp.*
> CCNA, MCSE W2k\NT 4.0, MCP +I

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