[Samba] RPM

Kenneth Illingsworth ILLINGSK at cityofrochester.gov
Thu Oct 24 20:00:01 GMT 2002

I have a Dell GX110 with 128 MB RAM and a 8GB HD where I installed v2.3 of Caldera Linux while in visit mode (ie. direct from CD - no other OS kept). The video (among other things) needs attention. I downloaded i810_6_2.rpm (recommended by Dell for the installed video adaptor) to my Internet capable Windows box and transferred it to my fledgling Linux box. 

I proceeded to run 'RPM -i i810_6_2.rpm', but got the following dependency error: apmd is needed by Xconfig-i810-6-2. I then included the --nodeps parameter and got the following error: /etc/rc.d/rc.modules conflicts with file from SysVinit-scripts-1.05.5, 810_6_2.rpm cannot be installed.

Is this perhaps the wrong video driver?

As for networking the Caldera box, I followed this procedure: 
1) downloaded 3c90x-102.tar.gz, tarballed it and ran ./configure followed by make.
2) moved the 3c90x.o file into the /lib/modules/2.2.10/net directory where the other nic driver objects were located.
3) placed the alias eth0 3c90x statement into the /etc/modules.conf file.

After a 'shutdown -r now' was executed followed by a dmesg, the eth0 was listed as expected. However the only ip address I can ping is the Caldera box. Others consisting of win98, NT servers and win2k pro boxes yield 'Network unavailable'. 

Thank you in advance for your time.

Ken Illingsworth

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