[Samba] Re: How Samba let us down

Jay Ts jay at jayts.cx
Wed Oct 23 23:18:05 GMT 2002

Philip Burrow wrote:
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> Well this one certainly roused you all.
> Must it be the case that you all jump in to reply to this unhelpful garbage
> yet when someone posts a 'simple' query they often don't get any replies.

And your message is helpful how? :-)

The basic reason many "simple" queries don't get responses is that they
don't attract responses. But, well-written questions from people who
have a strong desire to be helped, and are willing to take the bother
to tune in with someone who cares to provide help, often get responses.

Asking questions on mailing lists is both a technique and an art
form.  There are no guarantees of any kind of reply, ever.

Jay Ts

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