[Samba] Re: How Samba let us down

Chris de Vidal cdevidal at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 28 22:22:00 GMT 2002

--- "Keith G. Murphy" <keithmur at mindspring.com> wrote:
>  > I think he's referring to the phenomenon that
> I've seen on way too
>  > many technical mailing lists:  be a complete
> asshole and you'll get
>  > the complete and undivided attention of multiple
> developers and power
>  > users, all of of whom assert, while helping, that
> that's not a good
>  > way to get help.  :-)
>  >
>  > Best way to do it is to impugn the quality of the
> product, and
>  > threaten to switch to another.
>  >
>  > (By the way, the OP's subject line was a work of
> art along these
>  > lines. The 'us', rather than 'me', raising the
> prospect of a huge
>  > group of people disappointed in Samba, was
> particularly nice.  I take
>  > my hat off.)
>  >
>  > I'm pretty sure a lot of posters have noticed
> this and use it to
>  > their advantage.  You do have to be kind of
> unprincipled first...
>  > :-)
>  >
>  >
> Ack!  I didn't mean to imply as much as it looks
> like I did about the OP
> and his motives.  I was more focused on a social
> phenomenon that I'd 
> noticed.  The subject line *was* a work of art, but
> that's not quite 
> saying the poster is a (con) artist.
> For the record, I do not believe he is an asshole,
> or unprincipled.  I 
> am an agnostic on the subject.


* I used the word "us" because it was everybody in my
IT department, the printing departement, the DP
department... some 100+ people who heavily depend on
Samba.  It let _us_ down.  Didn't think about the
implications of "us" vs. "me."
* It is always important to know the context.  The
very first paragraph of the subject went something
like: "I'm sharing my sad experience so that the Samba
community can learn and grow."  Never would I impugn
the quality of Samba; After all, it could have been
something we were doing wrong.  We use Samba elsewhere
and really like "sticking it to Bill."  Of course we
don't overlook the stability, speed, cost, security,
open source, flexibility, etc...
* We actually were in the process of switching; No
threats! (-:  At that point, I was only sharing to
help enlighten the community; Turning back was not an
* I don't believe I'm an asshole, either (-:  I always
attempt to have this attitude: "I could be completely

The story had a happy ending.  The NT server's new
hard drive died, so we kept hobbling along on Samba. 
When we disabled all OpLocks, all was well.  We are
coming up on a week of constant stability, no
corruption, and no interruptions in browsing the
server's hard drive.  Samba is looking gooooooood.


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