[Samba] Re: How Samba let us down

Jay Ts jay at jayts.cx
Wed Oct 23 19:27:17 GMT 2002

Esh, Andrew wrote:
> Here at Tricord, we run Samba through some pretty intense tests, as well.
> Since we are a file system producer, we focus on corruption bugs. We haven't
> found any in Samba,

Since I've been curious about this anyway, I might go ahead and check:

Do you (And J. Terpstra, and others) test sending really huge files,
such as 700 MB ISO CD-ROM images or bigger, across the net, and then
run a cmp on them, going in each direction.  That is:

1. Start with a reference huge file on Windows, known to match an
   existing file on Unix, then copy it over through Samba and
   do a cmp on them?  About how many times is this done in your
   tests?  More than a few hundred?

2. Also run the test the other way, and compare the copies on
   the Windows side?

> I'm not trying to chime in here, but if there was
> the kind of bug someone would notice within the first few hours of use, we'd
> have hit it hundreds of times already, just in our testing this week. We've
> been testing like this for more than two years.

That's what I thought, too.  My take on it was that it was related to
Samba, but not necessarily caused by it.  In any case, it was all more
than a year ago, and isn't an issue to me at all.

Jay Ts

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