[Samba] plea for sample config files : accessing samba from windows...

Joel Thompson joel at rhinosystemsinc.com
Wed Oct 23 16:35:01 GMT 2002


I am having a lot of difficulty setting up samba (2.2.6-1) on
linux (REDHAT 7.2), and accessing from Win2k.

I have been able to get the share working for smbclient, while
on the LINUX box, but have not been able to get anything
working from a Windows box.  I have done the following
after scouring the network for solutions.  I have modified
the register settings on windows to allow none encrypted passwords,
(You can find out how to do with on MS's website), however
this didn't work.

If you can send me your config files or mocked up to protect
the internal integrity of your system, I would surely appreciate
it (as I know a million other struggling samba admins would as
well).  Also explain a little about the DOMAIN, and what
kind of Authentication you setup.  

Please, please, please help!


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