[Samba] plea for sample config files : accessing samba from windows...

Joel Thompson joel at rhinosystemsinc.com
Fri Oct 25 05:33:00 GMT 2002

Posting again, due to no response.  If you can't share
 the working config files, then please let me know the
essentials to getting this going....
(there are a lot of options in the conf file, that I don't
know if I should ignore or make sure to set).


Joel Thompson wrote:

> Hello,
> I am having a lot of difficulty setting up samba (2.2.6-1) on
> linux (REDHAT 7.2), and accessing from Win2k.
> I have been able to get the share working for smbclient, while
> on the LINUX box, but have not been able to get anything
> working from a Windows box.  I have done the following
> after scouring the network for solutions.  I have modified
> the register settings on windows to allow none encrypted passwords,
> (You can find out how to do with on MS's website), however
> this didn't work.
> If you can send me your config files or mocked up to protect
> the internal integrity of your system, I would surely appreciate
> it (as I know a million other struggling samba admins would as
> well).  Also explain a little about the DOMAIN, and what
> kind of Authentication you setup. 
> Please, please, please help!
> Thanks,
> Joel

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