[Samba] Samba Server

Wendi Wise bsdcit at netactive.co.za
Wed Oct 23 10:31:01 GMT 2002


I work for an NGO in South Afric and am trying to configure a Samba
server, but I am way out of my depth!  Is there anyone who is willing to
be very patient and help me with this?

First question:  I have created a user with a password on my Linux
server under User Manager, and then I have created a share under Samba
for that user's home directory, but if I try and access it from my
windows machine on the network it keeps rejecting the password, so
therefore I am assuming there is something else that I need to do ...
What is it?  I have gone into the password section on Samba, but it's
not making much sense to me.  Does the user have to be created there
also, and if so how?  because it doesn't give any indication as to
whether the user has been created or not and there doesn't seem to be
any way of seeing anything.

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