[Samba] Multiple codepage support

Barry Priest hunter at vet.vet.purdue.edu
Tue Oct 22 13:28:00 GMT 2002

Having searched the documentaion and the archive, and having this alluded to, 
but not addressed directly, I was hoping someone here could set me straight:

I need to be able to support multiple languages for separate users: english, 
simplified chinese, traditional chinese, and korean han.  Is it correct that 
under 2.2.x that I can only get one of those  at a time, using the smb.conf 
options 'character set' and 'client code page" ?  And that under 3.x with 
unicode support I will be to have them use whatever alternate character set 
they wish? 

I am curently using 2.2.6 (mandrake 9.0).  It is ever so much more stable than
the win2k server I am migrating the files off of. If there is currently a way 
to support multple users having their different character sets, I would greatly appreciate a shove in the right direction

Barry Hunter Priest

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