[Samba] Samba server and Win98 networking problem

Stephen Liu satimis at writeme.com
Tue Oct 22 12:57:01 GMT 2002

Hi All Guys,

The problem is as follows:

ipchains and iptables stopped
# service smb start

On Win98
- 2 members found in the workgroup "Scw98"(Win98) and "M40G".
Samba server 
- Clicking "M40G" popup a warning "permission not allowed"
- Searching computer with the name of Samba server "M40G" found it there
but searching with its IP address could not find it
- Ping M40G and IP address of Samba server showed connected

On Samba server
"as root"
- "mount" could not mount Samba server
- Ping SCW98 and IP address of Win98 showed connecting


Both Win98 and Samba server need password to login

Samba server
OS - RH8.0
2 NICs - one for broadband connection another for connecting Win98 via a
crossover cable
IP address -
Computer name - M40G

/etc/samba/smb.conf (basic configure)


workgroup = SEC 
guest account = satimis
encrypt passwords = no
hosts allow = yes
security = share 

comment = share 
path = /home
browseable = yes
read only = no
guest only = no 
guest ok = yes

/etc/hosts	localhost.localdomain	localhost	SCW98	M40G

IP address -
Computer name - SCW98

- Net BEUI
- NetBIOS support for IPX/SPX

Kindly advise.  Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

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