[Samba] MS Access and Samba

Andreas Mack vasquez at mediales.net
Mon Oct 21 07:47:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 16:28, Oliver Krehan wrote:
> When the database is located on a Windows NT4-Server, the changes can be 
> seen immediatly on the other 3 pcs. There is also a window popping up which 
> announcing a sql-error but this seems to have no negative effect on the 
> database. At a test-run under Win2k-Server the same error appears but also 
> the changes can be seen immediatly.
> So in general words spoken, is the database saved on a windows machine it 
> works as it should, is it saved on samba share no changes can be seen until 
> the pc the changes are made on closes the database.

hmm so it really seems to be a samba problem. Go with the config tips of
Glenn Scherb <gscherb at mriresearch.org> in this thread. Esp. oplocks seem
to be a problem. As the samba docs say, they allow more aggressive
caching on the client. To me it seems as NT/W2k has some detection built
in for Access databases.

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