[Samba] slow logon (and logoff) to Samba PDC

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Sun Oct 20 23:49:01 GMT 2002

On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 18:22, l. a. walsh wrote:
> How do I tell Windows98 not to copy the profiles to the local computer
> but to leave them on the server instead?
> I have several old Win98 clients that have hard disks transferring
> around
> 1Mbyte/second on a clear day (and defraged disk).  They have all been
> upgraded with 100Mbps ethernet and often get faster I/O to network 
> disks than to local.
I think this is not possible...
It may be possible to have the profile automatically deleted on logoff
however (you can on NT but I don't know about 98)

An alternative might be to keep the profile very small and store nearly
everything on a mapped drive...
> As an aside, the 'admin' they had set everything up for them did things 
> in a tad peculiar fashion.  Things like having all workstations 
> autosignon as 'root' so they could access the common database on the 
> file server (owned by root).

this is evil...
> Still haven't figured out if that is causing another of their problems
> --
> they sometimes get random database behavior -- as though records aren't
> stored properly.  I don't believe they have any locking setup on the
> database, but each user only works with their own record anyway, so 
> theoretically there should be no stepping on each other.  Despite that,
> I get a little concerned with the possibilities of buffered I/O to/from
> the smb-mounted "Access" database causing overwrites to adjacent
> records.
you need to turn off oplocks to get databases to work correctly with

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