[Samba] DNS error connecting to Domain

Aton aton at skyenet.net
Sat Oct 19 01:25:00 GMT 2002


I have a Windows 2000 Pro SP3 Laptop, and a RH 7.3 server running Samba 2.2.5.

One day it refused to connect to the domain, said it wasn't available, couldn't access \\server01\user\profile directory, and refused to browse the samba server. Reboots didn't work. I unjoined the domain, and it complained that it could not remove the machine account from the server. After I rebooted it, I tried to join the domain again, and got a message (sorry, but this was a few hours ago) something like this:

DNS lookup error. Unable to lookup the Domain controller in the Active Directory. Cannot contact domain.

I'm stuck. All the other machines on the network continue to run correctly. To me it appears that for some reason the laptop thinks the samba server is a 2000 AD domain, which won't work correctly without DNS. Anyone ever seen this before, or know why all of a sudden this laptop refused to browse or re-join the domain?

Thanks for any help,

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