[Samba] something wrong with the list (or its members)

Rashkae rashkae at wealthmap.ca
Fri Oct 18 15:20:16 GMT 2002

Reply to all usually works rather well with any and all MUA's....  Of
course, people who are direct recipients have to suffer receiving two
copies of the message...  (And how I feel for their horrible pain and

On Fri, 18 Oct 2002, Eric wrote:

On 10/18 10:24, Yura Pismerov wrote:
> should consider setting up reply-to-list option.
> I'd like to know what people think about it...

When I hit "reply" it goes to Yura.  There should be a reply-to-list
but I'm not sure how to set that up in mailing lists.

So probably (my theory), people need to know their MUA and a
list-reply ("L" in mutt).

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