[Samba] Netlogon no longer works in 2.2.6 with W2k client

Rob Thomas robhthomas at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 18 11:04:01 GMT 2002

Just got this quote from the Samba-BDC-HOWTO,
"Note that in the latest Samba 2.2.x releases, the machine SID (and 
therefore domain SID) is stored in the private/secrets.tdb database"
Therefore you might have had a new secrets.tdb generated depending on how 
you upgraded. Which probably means you now have a new machine\domain SID 
which is why you had to rejoin all of your Win2K clients. Also if you have a 
BDC set up you'll have to re-export the PDC's machine.SID from the 
secrets.tdb and install it on the BDC. Might be a good idea to start backing 
up the secrets.tdb file in case you need to rebuild your domain.
I'm still trying to work our what each tdb stores and until I know I'm 
making sure I have backups of them all and keep them when upgrading. 
Although I'm not sure if the Samba install keeps, overwrites or backup these 
tdb files (I use the rpm install). Also I'm not sure if the internal tdb 
structure will have changed between Samba versions.

René Nieuwenhuizen heeft geschreven:

>We've got a fairly simple samba setup (no ldap/winbind etc) and until
>recently everything worked fine (using samba-2.2.5). But after switching
>to samba-2.2.6 w2k-clients fail to run the netlogon-scripts. When i look
>at the client it says: logonserver=\\<workstationname>
I've cured the problem: it seems that after installing samba-2.2.6 I had
to rejoin every workstation to our domain. What can I do in the future
to prevent this? Is the some tdb that has to be saved?

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