[Samba] Please help, going mad with permissions

rod at newtonhall.co.uk rod at newtonhall.co.uk
Fri Oct 18 11:52:01 GMT 2002

Dear SAmba

Sorry to trouble you again but here is my problem.

I want to have a directory writeable only for users in a unix group

so i need to do two things.

1. Create the group and user in linux
2. Create the relevant masks for the samba share for this directory

so i do this:

1 # mkdir /dev/accounts
2. # chgrp accounts /dev/accounts
3. # chmod 0770 /dev/accounts                 ##i think these are right for
Owner & group ###

in my smb.conf

browseable = yes
path = /dev/accounts
read only = no
write list = @accounts
create mask = 770
directory mask = 770

i have added a user to the /etc/groups file using vi to the accounts group

from my windowsnt4 pc

i attach to the network share ok
if i attempt to create a new folder i am told that i may not be able to
access files under it
if i attempt to create a file under the share i get access denied.

what chmod to i need on the directory and what "masks" are needed in the
smb.conf, i seem to be going round in circles!!!

i know this is so so simple but it is driving me nuts.

kind regards

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