[Samba] nmbd and the Domain Master Browser

Andy Canfield andy at adamsint.com
Fri Oct 18 09:33:00 GMT 2002

My server's /var/log/syslog file is filled with:
    Oct 18 13:07:38 bangkok nmbd[13656]:   
    Unable to find the Domain Master Browser
    name BANGKOK<1b> for the workgroup BANGKOK.

The network is a bunch of Windows 98 workstations and a Linux server. We have Samba set to be the WINS server, but there is no "DOMAIN MASTER BROWSER" as such at all, anywhere.

When we installed the server a month ago we set up Samba to use computer name "BANGKOK" in workgroup "BANGKOK". But Windows 98 seemed to hate having a computer and a workgroup with the same name, so we changed the Samba computer name to "SBANGKOK". The file /etc/samba/smb.conf (as maintained by webmin) contains these lines (as shown by fgrep):
    workgroup = BANGKOK
    netbios name = SBANGKOK
/etc/hosts contains:       localhost.localdomain   localhost  bangkok.adamsint.com    bangkok
Apparently nmbd is wasting a lot of CPU time trying to find a computer named "BANGKOK". How do I tell nmbd to stop looking for this lost love?

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