[Samba] SMB.Conf when using security = domain

Jennifer Crusade JCrusade at gtess1.com
Fri Oct 18 03:12:00 GMT 2002


I am new to Linux but not networking and computers but I have been trying t
make a red hat 7.3 box join and NT domain.  I can add the pc on NT under
server manager but when I run the command on the Linux box it fails.

well i have been trying to get my linux box to join my nt domain (not as a
PDC just as a client) and it just wont join dang naggit!  run "smbpasswd -j
<mydomain> -r <PDC netbios name> like it says to do in the book it gives me
the following error: 
cli_net_auth2:Error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED cli_nt_setup_creds : auth2
challenge failed modify_trust_password:unable to setup the PDC credentials
to machince <myPDC>
 Error was : NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED 2001/01/25 20:28:46 :
change_trust_account_password : failed to change password for domain
<mydomain> unable to join domain <mydomain> 
I can not access the share because it requests a username and password.  If
I reconfigure my smb.conf  to use security = share or server I can make it

Testparm shows no errors.  I have found lots of people who are having the
same problem but no one has posted how to correct the issue.  Please advise
this is getting down right frustrating.

Jennifer Crusade

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