[Samba] Being Administrator on a Samba Domain

Aaron Cline acline at rimvisions.com
Tue Oct 15 21:31:12 GMT 2002

Hello all:

I am in the process of implementing a Samba Primary Domain controller 
and I have a few questions that I can't yet resolve.

First off, how can I set it so that when I log in to a computer on 
the domain as my username, "ajc", that I gain Administrator rights 
to that PC?

Second, in Windows 2000 Pro I almost always go into Start>Settings>Control 
Panels>Administrative Tools>Local Security Policy and change some 
of the default policies.  Is there someway that when the computers 
log into the Domain that they all could gather this information from 
one file?  If so, can someone lead me in the right direction to figuring 
this out?

And third, this is a Windows question that I should probably ask 
elsewhere but so far I have not found an answer.  Suddenly my Win2k 
Pro computer has begun to boot very slowly.  If I check the event 
log I see that on any given boot, several always changing services 
will fail to load.  Does anyone know have any experience with this? 
I've tried to do the CD-Repair but that didn't help at all.

Thank you for your help,

A Cline
acline at rimvisions dot com

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