[Samba] Share names causing big troubles

Jamie McParland jamie at listserv.newberg.k12.or.us
Tue Oct 15 20:56:01 GMT 2002

Hey That did the trick! Thanks SO MUCH to all who offered suggestions.

Heres a recap for the mailing list archives.

If your user names are Longer than 13 chars windows 9X doesn't play to well
with them. Win 9X truncates the share name and so it says the share is not a
valid name when you click on it.

Instead of sharing homes make a share in your smb.conf like this

    path = /path/to/%U

Now if the user is logged in and goes to the server through the network
neighborhood, they will see a share called Home this will be the home
directory of the user logged into the workstation.

- Jamie

On 10/15/02 12:02 PM, "Kaleb Pederson" <kibab at icehouse.net> wrote:

> On Tuesday 15 October 2002 11:54 am, you wrote:
>> Not a bad idea. Problem is we have kids sharing all the computers so we
>> can't be mapping their home dirs to a drive letter. We could map the
>> "homes" share but then we still have the problem of all the 3000 folders
>> showing up and you have to dig through them for yours.
> I don't understand why you don't just fix the name of the share to something
> like:
> [mydir]
> path = /path/to/%U
> ....
> that way it picks up the folder based on the username but doesn't have a long
> sharename? I presume you already have some sort of authentication method and
> at this point the students are already authenticated, so this would be an
> easy solution.  It also makes writing documentation easy:
> In order to get to your files, just open "\\servername\mydir"
> When you do play with profiles, which is what my servers are running, make
> sure that the profiles are split up according to os version.
> --Kaleb
>> It would work If we had profiles going but I gotta get this working befroe
>> I can even think about getting into that mess HAHA!
>> - Jamie
>> On 10/15/02 10:30 AM, "hongwei at morpheus.wustl.edu"
>> <hongwei at morpheus.wustl.edu> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Did you try to let any student mount a drive say x: to
>>> //sambaserver/homes? Then, it will automatically point to his home
>>> directory without knowing the real directory's name.
>>> Just a thought, may or may not work.
>>> Hongwei
>>> On Tue, 15 Oct 2002 09:56:42 -0700 Jamie McParland wrote:
>>>> I work for a school dist, and I am having a bit of trouble with the
>>>> "Student
>>>> Server" We have about 3000 students all with their own accounts. I had
>>>> the samba server setup to share their home directories but their home
>>>> directories are the same as their login name. So jamie.mcparland would
>>>> be an
>>>> example of a share name. But in Win 9X it gets truncated to
>>>> jamie.mcparla then we get the error that the share does not exist.
>>>> I understand that Win 9X can't handle names longer than 13 chars. So
>>>> I'm sure some of you have had this problem as well. How did you deal
>>>> with it? I really don't want to regenerate the accounts.
>>>> I was thinking about just setting the student directory as a share
>>>> point but
>>>> and chmoding all the actual student directories to 700. This works and
>>>> students only have access to their own directory BUT you have to look
>>>> through 3000 folders to find your home folder and that¹s not a good
>>>> thing.
>>>> Is their anywat I can hide the other users folders from the logged in
>>>> user.
>>>> IE when you click on the student share and your logged in as
>>>> jamie.mcparland
>>>> you only see your jamie.mcparland folder?
>>>> Our setup is Samba 2.25 and RH 7.3
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Jamie McParland
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