[Samba] upgrade to 3.0alpha20: accented chars in filenames unreadable

Louis-David Mitterrand vindex at apartia.org
Tue Oct 15 17:54:01 GMT 2002

Upon upgrading from 2.2.5 to 3.0alpha20 on Debian unstable, filenames
with accented characters (ie: éàî etc.) became unreadable. For example
in W2K a filename previously called "résumé.xls" became "r" when looking at
the samba share; and the filename is impossible to modify from windows:
samba log says "file not found". From the shell the file looks like
"r?sum?.xls" but the "?" are actually 0x83.

Now, the file contents are intact and if modified from the unix command
line to non-accented they become accessible again from windows.

FWIW I used the following command to sanitize all filenames:

% rename -v 's/\x8c/i/g;s/[\x83\x8a\x82]/e/g' **/*

I know I'm using an "alpha" samba and "unstable" debian, but still I'd
like to understand what happened, if possible.

Is this a known issue?

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