[Samba] good solution for "automount" homes

Schoep, Grant at STORM GSchoep at storm.l-3com.com
Mon Oct 14 16:17:01 GMT 2002

	On our main file server, all our home directorys are automount
points. So /home isn't a real filesystem area, it points to a bunch of
different home areas based on the auto.direct table. Example:

/home/user1  mounts from --> /export/home1/user1
/home/user2  mounts from --> /export/home2/user2
/home/user3  mounts from --> /export/home2/user3
/home/user4  mounts from --> /export/home3/user4

I could explain more but I am sure most everyone knows how automount works
in basic...

Ok, so I want to do a read share out for all the users home areas... I could
just set up a share one /home, but then since its an automount, /home/user1
wouldn't show up until user1 did something on the file server that keyed the
automounter to kick in.

Is there a way to have samba cause the automounter to kick in and mount it?
I was actually suprised it didn't in the first place, but maybe its due to
the way explorer browses, meaning it determintes that the path doesn't exist
and doesn't even try to do it.


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