[Samba] Inquiry

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Fri Oct 11 08:37:00 GMT 2002

Tom Riley wrote:
> Samba Team,
> I'm running a large Sun environment in which I have access to almost a
> terabyte of SCSI attached storage. I would like to capitolize on this space
> with as much diversity as I can. We have a primarly Win2K PC environment,
> and I am interested in knowing if there is a method to have Samba offer up
> file services with quota enforcement, without populating my sun machines
> with machine logins.

Machine logons are only required on a PDC.  And even then we have some
hacks to get around this (the _nua - Non Unix Account hack, putting the
machines only in smbpasswd etc, not /etc/passwd).

> Ideally I'd like to have the following environment.
> Sun Server
> -----------
> Storage array
> Samba w/ quota enforcement (preferrable from within AD)

Quota's are not read from AD at present - but I would be interested to
know how AD stores such information.  (If at all).

> Win2K Server
> ---------------
> Active Directory
> User Authentication
> Win2K Workstations
> ----------------------
> Login
> Map to Sun Server via Samba.
> Is this a doable architecture?

Looks fine to me.

Andrew Bartlett

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