[Samba] Error 54 with Net Use

John Anderson janderson at ceeva.net
Wed Oct 9 20:36:01 GMT 2002


I've got a samba 2.2.5 server running with 5 or 6 users logging in with
no problem.  One user cannot get in (eventho initially I believe he
could get in).    I can ping and tracert from server to desktop and
desktop to server (using both IPs and names).

I am trying to map using the IP address, so the name resolution isn't an
issue.  When I use net use to map the drive this is the error I'm

C:\WINDOWS>net use h: \\\hq

Error 54: The network is currently busy processing other requests or is
of resources. Try again later, or verify your network configuration to
sure that enough network resources are specified.

Running tail -f on that users log file doesn't even show anything
hitting the server.

Other network activities work fine.  (All the network settings seem to
be correct, I had another guy look over them with me today).




John Anderson
Ceeva, Inc.

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