[Samba] Win2K Printer Driver Problems - Hi Jerry!!

daniel.jarboe at custserv.com daniel.jarboe at custserv.com
Tue Oct 8 17:22:01 GMT 2002

Nope, smbstatus reports Samba version 2.2.6pre2 for me.  How did you 
install 2.2.6pre2?  rpm -u ?  If you installed from source you might 
still have some 2.2.5 binaries laying around in your $PATH.

~ Daniel

gsmith at ahbl.ca wrote:

>We are on 2.2.6Pre2 and if the patches are in you've just saved us some
>Does smbstatus say 2.2.6Pre2?  Ours displays only 2.2.5.
>However, as mentioned in another message we've found the problems occur if
>we have a combination of HP4 and HP4000 drivers on the server.
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>gsmith at ahbl.ca wrote:
>>We will downgrade to 2.2.5 and try
>>Jerry's patch.
>"downgrade" to 2.2.5 from 2.2.5?  If you are actually at 2.2.6pre2, the 
>printing patches are already in and downgrading to 2.2.5 w/ jerry's 
>printing patch isn't going to help (might hurt)
>>5. Respond "NO" to the "Install Driver now prompt"  - Question:  Why
>>"No" at this point? All docs say to do so without explanation.
>If you click yes you'll be installing the drivers locally on the PC, you 
>want them installed on the samba server by uploading a new driver.
>>9. On General tab, choose Printing Preferences - Basics and switch page
>>layouts between portrait and landscape clicking OK in between to update the
>>driver.  - I assume at this point the driver Devmode is being set, correct?
>Correct, this executes the driver so you don't have a null devmode
>>2. What could cause the spooler to crash so often when updating drivers?
>Not much help here, but probably at least 1 of the following: buggy 
>print drivers, buggy client, buggy samba
>As for the rest of your questions, I'm just as anxious to hear the 
>list's answers as you are :)
>~ Daniel

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