[Samba] Sharing printers across subnets?

kevin.sage at amd.com kevin.sage at amd.com
Tue Oct 8 17:18:01 GMT 2002

Hi everyone,

I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I'm having trouble getting my printer shares to be accessible on other subnets.  I'm running Samba 2.0.3 (yes, I know it's OLD), and I'm using it only for printer sharing...  It's set up to allow guest access only, since I'm only sharing printers.  

My two domain controllers are running Windows 2000 Server (SP2), and are also configured as DNS servers and WINS servers.  Both are in the same subnet together.  I've also got several other Windows 2000 Server systems configured as Terminal Servers (MetaFrame) on the same subnet as the domain controllers that are effectively clients to the Samba server.  The Samba server is also on the same subnet as the domain controllers.  I've even got a couple Win2k Pro systems on that subnet that work fine.  

However, I'm trying to set up our first Win2K Pro client on a different subnet, and for the life of me I can't get Samba's printer shares to work.  I've got the Win2k system set to point to the WINS servers running on the domain controllers, as well as to the DNS servers on the domain controllers.  All normal Win2K stuff works fine, and when I browse the network and go into my domain, I can even see my Samba server.  However, as soon as I try to double-click on the Samba server to see it's shares (printers), I get the error message "\\Cheetah2 is not accessible.  The network path was not found."  This works fine though from the clients that are not on different subnets.  Similarly, when I try to add a printer from the control panel, I get an error that it can not connect to the printer.

I'm sure I've got something wrong in the Samba config somewhere, but after reading the man page umpteen times and reading the "BROWSING" readme, I still can't figure it out.  Here are the config items from my smb.conf that I think are relevant:
        ; Allow guest access
        guest ok = yes
        ; Force guest access
        guest only = yes
        ; Set guest account to ntprint
        guest account = ntprint
        ; Don't show all printers by default
        load printers = no
        ; Pretend we're a Windows NT server
        announce as = NT
        ; Use encrypted passwords to keep NT clients happy
        encrypt passwords = yes
        ; Allow empty passwords
        null passwords = yes
        ; Use share level security
        security = share
        ; Set our domain name
        workgroup = THE_JUNGLE
        ; Deny access from all hosts by default
        hosts deny =
        ; Allow access from the local host and our subnet, and hare2 (win2k pro workstation that I can't get to work)
        hosts allow = localhost hare2
        ; Tell Samba how to resolve hostname lookups (use UNIX methods or WINS)
        name resolve order = wins host
        ; Tell Samba where the WINS server (cougar1) is (this is also the "primary" domain controller)
        wins server =

And then of course I define the printer shares.

As noted above, "hare2" is the Win2k pro client I can't get to work (subnet is 139.95.41).  I tried using it's IP address in the "hosts allow" line, but it didn't matter.  I'm not sure Samba is ever seeing the requests from the client, since even with the log level set to 3, I don't see any indication that it knows that I'm trying to browse it's shares.

BTW, I did check in the WINS server and the Samba server does appear to be registering itself correctly with WINS on startup.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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