[Samba] users can't change permissions on samba share

Herb Lewis herb at sgi.com
Tue Oct 8 15:15:13 GMT 2002

Justin Georgeson wrote:
> I just realised that findsmb only lists the samba server. Before
> upgrading from 2.2.1a, all machines were listed by name when logged in
> as root, and with name unknown when not as root.

The findsmb script uses nmblookup "*" to get the IP addresses of 
machines. This does not always return all machines because of the
timeout. I've run the 2.2.4 version on 2 different subnets. One
returns samba machine, Win98, Nt4.0 and W2K machines. On a different
subnet I only get samba machines even though I know there are other
windows machines present as well.

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