[Samba] LDAP, Winbindd, XFS and many problems

Thomas Schmidt ts at grove.de
Mon Oct 7 14:46:00 GMT 2002


I really despaired in the use of these three services. 

I use Samba 2.2.5 with LDAP and winbind support. My purpose is it to join with the Samba-Server a W2k Active Directory Domain and users could set the permissions via the explorer at the Samba-Server.

winbindd works, xfs works, samba with ldap works BUT:

If I connect to the Samba-Server can´t I set the permissions for the winbindd users. They weren´t shown at the list. Only users, which I created manually (useradd and smbpasswd -a ...) are visible.

Either I created the users manually and lost all group informations or I used the winbind generated users and I lost the ability of the xfs system :(

Or is it possible that problem is in conjunction with ldap? I prefer ldap because I want a sync with other servers.

Anybody else experience with xfs and winbind-users?

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