[Samba] Problems using WinXP-Pro client and Samba PDC

Bruno Ferreira blueroom at mail.digitalmente.net
Sun Oct 6 23:28:01 GMT 2002

At 07:00 06-10-2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi All-
>Some time ago (24 September 2002), I wrote the list about this problem with
>using a WinXP Pro client with a Samba PDC (see below for details).

         Well, I've read your LAN description and it mentions 4 things that 
are quite meaningful to me (as I had to fiddle with them too):

         1 Samba server that used to be Windows
         1 XP client
         1 W2K client
         1 Database app (a-ha! vital point!)

         I did read the rest of the problem and I have no idea if the 
"insufficient memory" message is truthful or not. The point is that I had 
to configure a LAN which had those 4 particularities, and a lot of trouble 
from the database-driven app (Access, FWIW) when it was acessed by 2 or 
more clients. To make a long story short, I solved a lot of trouble with 
the said app by configuring its' share like this:

         locking = yes
         oplocks = yes
         level 2 oplocks = yes
         share modes = no    <--- dangerous, I know, but this particular 
piece was vital

         You also need to ensure all directory/file modes are 
group-writable. That app was crashing when closing after 2 or more clients 
had opened it, and threw out some other stupid errors. This may not be the 
cure to your particular problem, but it sure took me a few days to come up 
with a solution to mine, which is similar. Hope this helps in any way.

         Bruno Ferreira

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