[Samba] Profiles and automatic drive mappings

Aton aton at skyenet.net
Thu Oct 3 04:59:00 GMT 2002


I have a mixed network of 98 and 2000 machines with RH 7.3 and Samba 2.2.5

The problem I'm having is my logon scripts contain a drive map to the user's home directory:

net use H: \\server01\dave$

That works great for the 98 machines, but the 2000 machines map H: and Z: to \\server01\dave$
The 2000 machines also write a profile dirctory in that share, and copy the entire desktop contents to it each time the user logs off. For most of the users, this isn't a problem, but some users have a gig of video files on their desktop, and it writing all that crap to the sever is not necessary and slow.

How do I make samba stop automatically mapping Z: as their home directory, and how do I make the profile writing to the server stop?


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