[Samba] Queue listing.

Allott, Peter R peter at essex.ac.uk
Wed Oct 2 14:59:05 GMT 2002

We are running Redhat Linux 7.3,  Samba-2.2.3a-6, LPRng-3.8.9-3

We want our NT/Windows 2000 user to be able to see the printer queue on the
samba server, and remove their own entries from the queue.
We can add individual users or groups to the printer admin list, but how to
we enable everyone to see the queue without giving them too much access.
The following give the small group serstaff the access we want to give to
all our users.

        allow hosts =
        dead time = 15
        guest account = nobody
        log level = 3
        max log size = 100
        password server=sernt29 sernt24 sernt25 sernt23
        encrypt passwords = yes
        server string=Computing Service Print Server %h
        status = yes
        preferred master = no
        preserve case = yes
        workgroup = CAMPUS
        wins server = wins0
        netbios aliases = x34 serpsd
        printing = lprng
         print command = lpr -r -P%p -R %m %s

        printer admin = @serstaff

If a windows user not in "printer admins" tries to open the printer to see
the queue he/she is told "Access denied".
Can any one tell me what I need to do.

Peter Allott
Computing Service, Information Systems Services,
University of Essex, COLCHESTER. CO4 3SQ
Phone 01206 872782   Fax 01206 860585

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