[Samba] SAMBA 2.2.5 and quotas (Linux SuSE 7.3)

Thomas Hänig haenig at cosifan.de
Tue Oct 1 07:47:17 GMT 2002

Hello Group,
I tried this one at the newsgroup linux.samba but got no response.
Now I hope the somebody here can help me.

What I want is simple (IMHO ;-) - working quotas with SAMBA

What have I done:
- compiled SAMBA with qouta.
- set user level security (made smbpasswd for my users)
- applied SuSE's quota (tools) update
- set up user quotas for an ext2fs file system.
- turned quota on.

results in:
accessible resources from Windows boxes but:

[NT4 SP6]
- quota limit is correct reported as disk size.
- if I am over the soft limit, in Windows there appears a box saying that 
there is not enough space available at the filesystem, but I am able to 
continue. I can write the file and up to the hard limit everything is O.K.,
- if I am over the hard limit the same box appeas, I can continue too, the 
reported size fits (the content of course not).
- a 'df' within the filesystem shows no growing beyond the hard limit.
- but an ls -l shows a "correct" value for the size
- and I can write and write and write.
- repqouta shows an incresing inode count, the block count remains at hard 

[Win XP]
- behaves just like NT

[W98 SE]
- correct behavior (message box, cant write beyond limit)
- for files smaller 2kB I get an network error (not O.K. but O.K.;-)

[Linux itself]
- from the shell everything is fine, I am not able to write over the limit.

does anybody know something how to solve this or where the problem is?


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