[Samba] error connecting to myhost:139 (Invalid argument)

Bruce David brucedavid at bigfoot.com
Thu May 30 12:29:02 GMT 2002


I've been trying to get part of a disk visible from a HP J5600 Unix machine (hostname = oed209, IP = running HP-UX 10.26 and Samba v1.9.18p7 to a MicronPC XKE Laptop (hostname = oed123, IP = running W98SE.

Net masks on both machines are set to
Neither machine uses DHCP.
Hostnames, their aliases, and their IP addresses are defined on both machines (/etc/hosts and c:\windows\hosts) and they both agree.
I can ping each machine from the other.

1. The exact version of Samba being used. If you obtained the sources from the Samba CVS repository, specify the date you acquired the sources and the branch you used.

Samba version 1.9.18p7.  I got the version number looking in /opt/samba/var/locks/browse.dat.

2. Whether you compiled Samba from sources or installed a binary package.

I inherited the Unix machine from someone else, but I don't think he knew enough to build Samba from source.  So I'll guess that these are just binaries.  Not seeing any source code laying around is a good indication.

3. The operating system and version of the server running Samba.

HP-UX 10.26

4. The global section of smb.conf, and any service-level parameter sections. If you have problems with a specific share, include that section as well.

Here is the whole smb.conf file.  It's pretty simple:

        workgroup = oed
        log level = 1

        comment = temporary files
        path = /tmp
        read only = yes

5. A precise and concise description of the symptoms. Vague statements like "it doesn’t work since upgrading" are of little use. Exact wording of any error messages or unusual log messages.

When I try to map /tmp from the Unix box to drive o: on the PC from Windows Explorer I get the following error message in a window:

The following error occurred while trying to connect O: to \\OED209\tmp
The specified computer did not receive your request.  Try again later.

When I try to do the same thing from a DOS shell I get the following error message in the shell:

Error 51: The specified computer is not receiving requests. Make sure you are
specifying the computer name correctly, or try again later when the remote
computer is available.

When I run smbclient on the Unix box I get the following message in the shell:

% /opt/samba/bin/smbclient -L oed209 -N
error connecting to (Invalid argument)    

Also of note:

a. I start Samba with inetd.  The pertinent lines in /etc/inetd.conf are:

netbios_ssn  stream tcp nowait untrusted m6nobody /opt/samba/bin/smbd smbd
netbios_ns   dgram udp wait untrusted root /opt/samba/bin/nmbd nmbd -d 999    

b. The related services in /etc/services are:

netbios_ns    137/tcp
netbios_ns    137/udp
netbios_ssn    139/tcp
netbios_ssn    139/tcp

I just need to get parts, any part, of the Unix box's disk visible on the PC.

Any help would be great.

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