[Samba] Wins server

Lewis lewis at freesco.info
Tue May 28 23:19:02 GMT 2002

I am very sorry for sending an e-mail to your bug report e-mail address that does not actually have anything to do with a bug of any kind. But in point of fact is some questions that I have. First off I am developing the latest version of Freesco (http://www.freesco.org) . Which is a single floppy firewall router. The current version works very well and has quite a large user base. This system is based on a lib5 2.0.38 kernel because of size. It currently has many features. DNS,HTTP,DHCP,Telnet. It can also have a wide range of package upgrades when moved to a hard drive.
My question is it possible to use 1.9.17p2 nmbd as a stand alone wins server. I have played with it some but lack enough knowledge to know whether there is something else required to make it run. I have attempted to make it work but it seems to kill the network neighborhood when used as a wins server. This is only for Freesco on a system without any NT machines. So that network traffic can be reduced and also unwanted dialouts. I am only interested in this or smaller versions, because of size constraints. In fact smaller would be much better if the source could be trimmed anywhere. This version just barely fits as is. Any advice or assistance would be greatly apriciated.

Lewis Baughman
Freesco 030 developer
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