[Samba] using samba to replace bdc with nt4 pdc

Harondel J. Sibble help at pdscc.com
Fri May 24 09:44:02 GMT 2002

Anyone here used samba to carte blanche replace an NT4 BDC? I have a client 
that I am putting in a new server to replace the current PDC. As they have no 
BDC, it would be nice to use linux on the old server and avoid having to go 
buy more MS licenses.  I do remember there being problems with this scenario 
back in the pre Samba 2.2.x days. Can anyone enlighten me from your recent 

Having a read of some of the docs, I come across this:

Can Samba be a Backup Domain Controller?
With version 2.2, no. The native NT SAM replication protocols have not yet 
been fully implemented. The Samba Team is working on understanding and 
implementing the protocols, but this work has not been finished for version 

Does anyone know, how much futher along this process is, or should I just 
shelve the whole idea for now?
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