[Samba] Migration to TNG

Jan Peuker jan.peuker at janus-graphics.de
Thu May 23 13:18:03 GMT 2002

Hi list,

as a result of horrible error logs and no sleep I would be able to throw my
smb2.2.4 out of the window and take a phone call to dell for a nt box ...
but I'll try once again.
I know, this is the wrong list, but maybe here I get more Developers. My
simple question is: If my PDC (WinS -> named, system is SuSE 7.3 but newest
versions of all relevant software) won't run as smooth as I've heard of
samba should I switch to TNG?
And if, could I migrate my dirs, user lists, and smb.conf to TNG? I always
get these "no security info sent" errors, even if I turn encrypted passwords
or acl-support off. And even if I don't use it, I compiled with pam and
msfs, nothing solved these problems. Ok, they don't seem to affect anything
else seriously than the warn-log, but I think there should be no cause why a
user needs about 10 minutes to log off, should it? Thanks a lot,


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