[Samba] Migration to TNG

Sean Elble spelble at earthlink.net
Thu May 23 16:01:04 GMT 2002

In my opinion, Samba 2.2.4 should work just as well, if not better than,
Samba-TNG. Samba-TNG is more advanced
in certain areas regarding Windows NT PDC/BDC interoperability, but
Samba-TNG is also lacking in other areas, such
as, IIRC, ACL support.

I can't comment with regard to the "no security info sent" errors, as I have
never experienced that particular
problem. However, you neglected to mention which version of Windows you are
using on the client. If you are using
Windows NT, 2000, or XP Professional with roaming profiles, it is perfectly
understandable for a logoff to take
10 minutes, if not more. I personally have seen roaming profiles balloon to
sizes over 100 megabytes (and then
quickly become local profiles :-)), and those who had profiles that large
would take *FOREVER* to logoff. You might
want to check that, if you have not already. Hope that was of some

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Hi list,

as a result of horrible error logs and no sleep I would be able to throw my
smb2.2.4 out of the window and take a phone call to dell for a nt box ...
but I'll try once again.
I know, this is the wrong list, but maybe here I get more Developers. My
simple question is: If my PDC (WinS -> named, system is SuSE 7.3 but newest
versions of all relevant software) won't run as smooth as I've heard of
samba should I switch to TNG?
And if, could I migrate my dirs, user lists, and smb.conf to TNG? I always
get these "no security info sent" errors, even if I turn encrypted passwords
or acl-support off. And even if I don't use it, I compiled with pam and
msfs, nothing solved these problems. Ok, they don't seem to affect anything
else seriously than the warn-log, but I think there should be no cause why a
user needs about 10 minutes to log off, should it? Thanks a lot,


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