[Samba] SMB sharing under Mac OS X Server

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Thu May 23 10:21:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, 23 May 2002 18:07:11 +0200 Roland Schmid <linux at net-service-24.de> wrote:

> Hello all:

> I've scoured the web for a solution to this problem to no avail, and thought someone on this list might be able to point me in the proper direction...  I realize this isn't the best place for
> Macintosh help, but it is Samba related, so please bear with me :-)

> Some quick background: I have a Power Mac G4 Dual GHz machine running Mac OS X Server 10.1.4, and have a Micronet SCSI RAID system with one shared folder, Data.  This server is configured to
> register with the WINS server on the LAN, and is a member of the corporate workgroup.  Windows clients (mainly W2k) can see the server in Network Neighborhood, can log into the server and can see
> the share Data listed.  However, they cannot connect to the share.  I get the message:

> //Server/Data is not accessible.  The network name cannot be found.

> I have checked my smb.conf file settings, and it appears to be configured properly.  I'm almost positive the problem lies with the Samba running on OS X, as our Mac clients have no problem
> connecting through Apple File Sharing via TCP/IP.  The server is clearly visible on the Windows network, but the share cannot be accessed.  I'm out of ideas!

> Can anyone provide any insight?  If this isn't the forum to ask this, tell me to bugger off and I won't take offense :-)

> Many thanks in advance for any assistance,

> Jason Westlake

I've no expierence with the MAC OS, but did you enter the w2k user who
wants to access the share on the SMB-Server?
Check if you need password encryption or not (on the SMB-Server)
Hope this helps.

Best regards,
linux at net-service-24.de


Yes, the users have all been added and the server's Win Authentication is on (we do need it here).



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