[Samba] SMB 2.2.4 PDC "Security Info"-Problem

Jan Peuker jan.peuker at janus-graphics.de
Tue May 21 03:02:02 GMT 2002

Hi list,

after a few weeks I have another serious problem with my PDC(SuSE 7.3
GNU/Linux, Kernel 2.4, named,dhcp etc. newest versions, AthlonMP from 1.4 to
Samba runs as PDC, no printing support, but WinS.
At first, 2 weeks ago, the server crashed after every ~5 minutes "marshall
error" appeared, this means it crashed when my log had about 1000 rows of
this error. Then I compiled the new samba 2.2.4 but now, I get these another
The first off-topic error is:
> named[545]: sysquery: nslokkup error on ?
and then
> unpack_nt_owners: no security info sent
> unpack_canon_ace: no security info sent
> oplock_break: no break security from client
My problem is, at the moment they don't corrupt antything (execept logout
times, they are about 10 minutes!) but maybe in a few days ... boom!
So, any suggestions?


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