[Samba] LDAP/SAMBA wide area network advice sought

Steve Lee maillist at blitzen.net
Tue May 21 15:29:02 GMT 2002

this should work well. go for it.

i have it only setup at one location. also, i didn't set up
samba as a pdc though.  but thats works well with what
i need here at my work.  we have a pdc under windows
for exchange server so thats why i didn't setup samba
as a pdc.

I can say that it does work so you should have no problems.

Good luck.

On Tue, 21 May 2002, G. Armour Van Horn wrote:

> I have a network made up of six small LANs, spread out over a span of
> about 50 miles. Each LAN is a private Class C network with address
> 192.168.x.0/24, where "x" is 0, 4, 13, 49, 60, and 77. The six networks
> are connected with IpSec tunnels through SmoothWall firewalls, with
> every network connected at least back to There is a Windows
> NT 4/SP6 PDC in each location.
> As the networks have grown I find that we are currently serving more
> users than we are licensed for, and I'd rather move to an Open Source
> solution rather than pay Microsoft a bunch of money.
> I've read a lot of messages on this list over the last few months, and
> I've read the Samba/LDAP How-to at idealx.org. (I read the whole thing
> late last year, and just now downloaded the update from last week.)
> I want to use LDAP as the authentication with the master LDAP server
> being in the home network ( so that I don't have to drive
> from one end of the island to the other just to add a user. Whatever I
> do now, I'm going to want it to last with minimal changes for at least a
> couple of years. I would like to start with the home server, then roll
> it out to one office at a time over the next few weeks.
> The clients in the offices are mostly Windows 98 with a smattering of
> 95, 2000 Pro, and XP Home. All users use their common names as their
> user names ("John Smith" rather than jsmith).
> Any advice on things to watch for, versions to prefer or avoid, or any
> other hints in starting this would be welcome.
> Van Van Horn
> Whidbey Island, Washington
> (Yes, I'm in Microsoft country)
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