[Samba] Domain Authentication

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu May 16 05:33:05 GMT 2002

On Wed, 15 May 2002, Clayton Rogers wrote:

> On reflection, I have decided to refine my question.
> We are moving to using a samba pdc for our Council (migrating from 
> winnt4). We have set this up in a experimental area and feel very 
> comfortable with having a samba pdc, in addition, our primary file and 
> print servers are samba, and have been  for the past 4 years. What we 
> would really like to know is how to add additional samba servers! Our 
> questions are:  
> Q1. If we want to add a samba server, what is the best practice in this 
> community? For example, if we add another linux machine to provide more 
> hard disk space for our clients
>    1. Would you mount its drives via nfs to the pdc or use samba on the
>       additional machine to serve its disk directly?
>    2. Or is there some other way to do it????

rsync the smbpasswd file among servers (or use LDAP) and setup a
MS-DFS root share on the first Samba box.

> Q2. If you use samba on the new machine to share out the resource, what
> do we set the security variable to in the smb.conf, DOMAIN or SERVER????  
> Do you need a machine account on the pdc for the new samba server?

I prefer to set all my servers as "security = user" and rsync smbpasswd 
(over ssh) or use LDAP but others may have a different preference.

cheers, jerry
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