[Samba] Domain Authentication

Clayton Rogers claytonr at bundaberg.qld.gov.au
Tue May 14 17:20:02 GMT 2002

On reflection, I have decided to refine my question.

We are moving to using a samba pdc for our Council (migrating from 
winnt4). We have set this up in a experimental area and feel very 
comfortable with having a samba pdc, in addition, our primary file and 
print servers are samba, and have been  for the past 4 years. What we 
would really like to know is how to add additional samba servers! Our 
questions are:  

Q1. If we want to add a samba server, what is the best practice in this 
community? For example, if we add another linux machine to provide more 
hard disk space for our clients

   1. Would you mount its drives via nfs to the pdc or use samba on the
      additional machine to serve its disk directly?
   2. Or is there some other way to do it????

Q2. If you use samba on the new machine to share out the resource, what 
do we set the security variable to in the smb.conf, DOMAIN or SERVER???? 
Do you need a machine account on the pdc for the new samba server?

Clayton Rogers
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Bundaberg City Council
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Web Site: www.bundaberg.qld.gov.au 

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