[Samba] Win2k Printing Problems

JUSTIN GERRY JGERRY at butchers.com
Wed May 15 06:58:03 GMT 2002

Yes, it is exactly that problem.

I added the port (lpr) through the printer setup and re-linked the
printer (manually changed the port to match the new port) that did not
have a port listed through the registry and it works fine
(finally!!...thank you!!)

The /'s are messing up Win2k and it won't add a lpr port to the
machine. Is there any potential fix for this problem? 

Would the enumports command in smb.conf help at all?


>>> "Van Sickler, Jim" <vansickj-eodc at Kaman.com> 05/14 5:30 PM >>>

Take a look at this link:



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> Microsoft file and print sharing is already installed.... not sure
> that would make any difference....but Microsoft stuff is strange...
> Still no luck with the "Failed to open,retrying" on the queue and I
> can't see any of the jobs listed in the queue. I can print, but I ge
> this message repeatedly until the print job is done.
> If anyone else has any suggestions for this problem, please let me
> know. 
> Thanks,
> justin
> >>> Joern Knechtel <ZCHBDBAXIQPE at spammotel.com> 05/13 8:35 PM >>>
> > I can now print to my network printers (although one of them keeps
> > printing a banner page... could be a jetdirect issue), but I still
> get
> > the "Failed to open,retrying" on the queue and I can't see any of
> the
> > jobs listed in the queue. Once the print job clears, the error
> message
> > goes away. 
> > 
> > Any more suggestions?
> Hmm...try installing MS print & share services on the client if u
> havent done that already.
> Just to see what happens :-)
> cu
> jk
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