[Samba] Looking for some information on samba/ad domains

Russ Ward Russ at me.msstate.edu
Wed May 15 07:00:02 GMT 2002

I know this is a bit off topic, but I needed to see how others users are
solving this problem.

Where I work we have a Windows domain with several 2000/NT servers and a
samba server, which was setup before I started here.  The samba server is
running Solaris 2.8.  As of right now the users are added on the Windows AD,
then added on the Samba server.  This works but is time consuming.  

I am in the process of redoing the network and want to make it easier to
manage users.  I know that there are several options for doing such and this
is where my question is: What are you doing to work with this problem?  

I have considered the option of winbindd, but have heard bad things about
using winbindd on Solaris, and the server is a sun.

I have also considered using LDAP I would be interested if anyone could give
me some info on how to setup LDAP to work with a windows domain, as of now I
have been unable to find any docs on it.

Thanks for any info that will be provided.

 Russ Ward
 Russ at engr.msstate.edu
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